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About Us

A life transformation

elegant hoopoe are more than just a clinic, we are a centre that transforms lives, prioritising health and wellbeing. With over 36 locations outside of the UAE, we have identified and selected the best methods and technology to gift you the confidence you have always wanted.
Couple this with 8+ years of experience and over 20'000 total successful cases, we have become the industry leaders for non-invasive health & aesthetics

As well as providing exceptional health care, the elegant Hoopoe leadership team is recognized as leading a authority in the health and beauty industry, introducing pioneering concepts and publishing seven business books in the field.

Our Certificates

Innovation, excellence, technology, and expertise. We strive to lead the industry and bring the very best solutions to you.

Our Exclusive Methods

elegant hoopoe offers exclusive treatment programs for slimming, weight loss and body sculpting. Whatever your transformation goal, we combine proven treatments into comprehensive, result-focused programs, tailored around your unique requirements. Utilizing the latest, best-in-class slimming machines, nutritionists, dietitians, exercise coaches, diet psychologists and support personnel, your personalized program is created, and your progress monitored weekly to ensure to stay on track towards your goal.

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