Have you ever wondered How You can lose weight fast and without any surgery ? Well thanks to the new technologies at hand you can attain the body you fancy at Elegant Hoopoe non-surgical weight loss center in Dubai.  you can visit or contact our slimming center in Jumeirah at any time and get more information on our different weight loss treatments in Dubai.

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Best Non Surgical Weight Loss Center In Dubai Jumeirah

With seven years of experience helping nearly 5 thousand happy customers, Elegant Hoopoe Weight Loss Center in UAE is proud to be announced as one of the best clinics in the Middle East.

Best Non Surgical Weight Loss Center In Dubai Jumeirah

Why Do We Prefer Non-surgical methods? While Elegant Hoopoe does not at all condemn surgical methods to lose weight we have our reasons to prefer Non-surgical ways such as:

  • much less cost
  • suitable for anyone
  • It is the safest way to lose weight
  • Lose fat and build muscle at the same time!
  • Does not intervene with your gym or lifestyle

Elegant hoopoe is well-known for its FDA approved modern devices and its renowned non invasive weight loss specialists. Our team will be alongside you the entire journey of your body transformation to ensure you will achieve a fit body.

Our services

We will Assess your Health Condition first

The very first step for us is to evaluate your health condition so that we are able to provide a personal weight loss program for you.

Measuring your body composition

With the help of a modern device called In Body, we can scan your body to get more insight on your body composition, for instance we will know exactly how much fat you have compared to your muscles in different parts if the body. This will allow us to plan a better fat reduction treatment for you.

fat reduction Services

Did you know that your body only has a certain amount of fat cells after puberty and that number will not increase, only the cells get bigger?

Elegant Hoopoe Weight Loss Center utilizes cutting-edge technology and machines that will target those fat cells in most parts of your body and burn them permanently.

Our services

Muscle Building

If you thought you could only build muscles in the gym you are wrong. Well, the truth is you can gain a lot by lifting weights in the gym and certainly your body will be in a much better shape after a while.

The other way of course is to use technology. Our truFlex machine offers personalized muscle stimulation, toning and shaping your muscle tissues as you see fit.

Skin Tightening Treatment

A natural result of fat reduction is loose skin whether you lose your fat in the gym or a clinic using machines. Here in our Weight Loss Clinic in UAE, we aim for perfection and that is why we also offer skin tightening treatments as well. Our FDA approved device will resolves challenging face and body aesthetic needs.

Diets & Psychology

Aside from working out, your diet is the second most important part of your lifestyle if not the first. It is common knowledge that one can not have a healthy good looking physique without the right amount of nutritions. When it comes to diet it is not a “one size fits it all” matter rather it is very personal and that is why our weight loss services in Dubai also include Diet psychologists and Nutrition experts. With their expertise on the subject we will provide a personal diet for our patients and help them tackle any challenges that may appear upon them.

Top Slimming center in Dubai

There are numerous ways on how to lose weight without any type of surgical procedures, Yet most people find themselves lost and do not know what to consider or how to choose the best non surgical losing weight center in Dubai or anywhere else.

Best Weight Loss Treatment in Dubai

A complete and professional non-invasive weight loss method has to be a lifestyle changer because the main reason people become overweight is their way of living which includes physical activities and Diets. Here at Elegant Hoopoe you will not only get the chance to have 1 on 1 consulting sessions with Diet experts and exercise coaches but also be able to transform your body using state of the art machines.

Non Invasive Weight Loss Treatments in Dubai

The price of Non-surgery weight loss in UAE  will vary due to our different packages. Firstly we will have our clients go under a full health test to assess their body metrics such as BMI, blood test and  Water, fat and muscle correlation in their body. Secondly, they will start a session with our specialist and inform us on their medical history, medicine they might be taking and their weight fluctuations.

Non Invasive Slimming Center in Dubai

Finally our experts will arrange a detailed plan unique to each customer so they can become their dream version of themselves faster and permanently.

If you want to get more information on our procedures you can contact us or even book an appointment online.

Our Weight loss Clinic Approach in Dubai

The first step in every losing weight center is to eliminate fat cells in different areas of the body for this Elegant Hoope utilized the truSculpt machine which is currently the best FDA approved device in the market. Tusculpt RF Deep dermal heating has proven to destroy 24% of fat cells in the target area.

Now no-surgery fat reduction is not the only step required to get in shape therefore comes the truflex device. truFlex is enhanced to target your muscle cells and help them in contraction resulting in a firm muscle tissue that is necessary for a perfect shaped body.

To avoid saggy and loose skin after the fat loss, We also employ advanced skin care devices able to tighten your skin making you look younger.

Last but not least you will need a detailed diet and an exercise plan if you want the result to be permanent and our experts are very well qualified to give you such a complete program.

All methods we use at Elegant Hoopoe will leave you with a delightful experience in which you feel like a warm comfortable massage. After all, most people choose non surgical weight loss solutions in the UAE  because of their joyful journey.

Weight Loss Clinic Price and Cost in Jumeirah, Dubai

Weight Loss Clinic Price and Cost in Jumeirah, Dubai

There are different body sculpting devices and fat fat removal machine here at elegant hoopoe and each one comes with it’s own unique plan and price, you can call our clinic, or book an appointment online to have a one-on-one consulting session with our experts to see what type of treatment is best for you and how much is the weight loss treatment is going to cost you in total. Please note that since these procedures are entirely non invasive, each individual will require more than one session and the number of sessions in total will vary based on each persons body and goals.

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