The progress made in the body shaping and body contouring industry has led to the production of new devices that can help people reach their body aesthetic goals more efficiently. EvolveX is one of those new machines that was recently introduced to the market. In this article, we will explain what EvolveX is and investigate if it does live up to what the manufacturer has promised.

What is EvolveX?

EvolveX is a noninvasive body sculpting machine that utilizes different technologies that are clinically approved, such as:

Tite ( Bipolar Radio Frequency )

It is said that Evolvex is the next generation of body sculpting machines that can be used for different purposes, such as lifting buttocks, skin care treatments, fat removal, and muscle toning. However, since this body sculpting machine is new to the market, its results have yet to be seen.

What is EvolveX?

Being able to operate as a skincare solution as well as a fat removal machine with muscle toning capabilities makes this machine an optimal choice for those willing to see a full body transformation. EvolveX is a highly customized machine that allows the combination of treatments so that each individual with a unique goal can be treated with it. A unique feature of Evolves is the hand-free operating capability, which, combined with an advanced programming setting, can reduce the patient and the operator’s face contact. This makes the sessions much more comfortable for most clients.

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Does EvolveX work?

EvolveX uses Radio Frequency to treat the skin and reduce fat, the same technology that popular devices like truSculpt ID and SculpSure are using. These slimming machines have delivered magnificent results since they entered the market.

Does EvolveX work?

EvolveX has eight hand-free heads or applicators which deliver volumetric heating to the skin and sub-dermal layer without any notable pain or discomfort.

Another feature of EvolveX is EMS technology or electrical muscle stimulation, the same method that machines like truFlex and Emsculpt are using to tone the muscles with hundreds of contractions in a short amount of time. There are four applicators that are put on different target areas, and each can target a certain type of muscle group.

Both RF and EMS have proven they are effective for fat removal and muscle toning, and unlike most machines in the market that can only be used for one purpose, EvolveX can do both at the same time.

Target areas of EvovleX are:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms and Shoulders
  • Buttocks

What are the benefits of EvolveX?

Losing fat and shaping the body can be very challenging, and sometimes, people would like to reach their goal faster and safer. EvolveX and other Non-invasive fat removal and skin care machines are popular due to the fact that they do not pose any threat to the human body, and other than mild redness and numbness, there are no other side effects or risks that people need to worry about.

Since EvolveX is equipped with both EMS and Radio Frequency, it can provide a faster body-shaping solution for those who wish to reach their goal in a shorter period. Though treatment with this device requires multiple sessions and based on each individual body figure and fat distribution, there is not an exact answer on how many sessions are needed for each person.

It is said that Evolvex is able to treat cellulite as well as tighten the skin. The RF technology and EMS will increase the blood circulation under the skin, resulting in more collagen creation that can lead to smoother and younger skin. Just like any other noninvasive device, EvolveX procedures do not need any downtime and recovery, and the clients can continue their daily routine without any problem.

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