When it comes to weight loss and fat reduction without surgery, there are various techniques that can be used to remove fat cells and Red Light therapy is a new method that has gained popularity in recent years. In this article we are going to cover all about red light fat removal to see if it is an effective way to get in shape or not.

What is red light therapy

Red light therapy is a new technique in which a low level laser emits wavelengths of blue red and infrared light into the skin, attacking the fat cells that are accumulated right beneath the skin tissue. This laser light gives a boost to mitochondria and increases the production of ATP.

What is red light therapy

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP will assist in making better functioning cells resulting in the stimulation of the body’s natural processes. This also has its own advantages such as decreased inflammation, better blood circulation, more collagen creation, decreasing oxidative stress and better ability to repair damaged cells.

There are lots of studies conducted on how red light therapy affects the body and its benefits for different applications. For instance one study found that it can be effective in reducing acute pain and inflammation in patients after a hip arthroplasty procedure. LLLT or red light therapy is considered a non-invasive procedure that can be used for different purposes including fat removal treatments.

The argument behind how red light therapy works is that LLLT will break down the membrane of the cells ultimately, causing the fat cells to leach out and be removed from the body by natural processes like the lymphatic system.

How red light treatment is done

There are different devices that utilize this technique and each one works in a certain way. In general, each session will last between 10 and 40 minutes and the doctor or practitioner will place the laser device on the target area to destroy fat cells under the skin tissue. This type of fat removal is done in multiple sessions and the number of sessions is determined based on the individual’s needs and goals.

How red light treatment is done

Does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy is a relatively new non-invasive fat reduction technique and there are yet to be enough studies and evidence on its actual effects on weight loss and fat reduction. However, there are lots of clients and patients who have undergone such treatments and they have positive reviews and testimonials.

Study 1: In one clinical study on 60 people, it was reported that each individual lost almost 2 cm of waist circumference after six weeks and 12 sessions. Note that this study is limited because there is no control group and the total number of individuals is not enough to account for accurate data.

Study 2: Another study on 67 people found that after six sessions in just two weeks, they experienced a notably collective inches loss from their belly, hips and thighs in comparison to their control group.

Study 3: The third study was applied to 86 people and it showed quite a decrease in waist, hip and thigh circumference. This study also lacked a control group.

Does red light therapy work?

In general, almost all of the clinical studies conducted so far show that this type of treatment is effective to shape the body but due to the lack of enough cases in each study and the lack of other important research factors such as control groups and comparison it is too soon to claim that red light therapy will 100 percent reduce weight.

Red light treatment side effects and downsides

As we have covered before, due to the lack of adequate clinical data it is too soon to say there are any type of side effects and down sides to this treatment. However, this type of treatment can be considered expensive and a total of six sessions can range anywhere from 2000$ to 4000$ depending on where the therapy is done.

Also, all of the studies conducted so far were done on people with a BMI range between 25 to 30, and we cannot say if this treatment is effective for people with lower or higher BMI.

In terms of side effects, based on the data collected, almost nobody experienced any side effects except two participants who faced severe skin damage due to the contact of the device with their skin.

Please note that even if this type of treatment works, it is still necessary to follow a diet and work out plan to ensure a long lasting result, otherwise without any lifestyle changes weight gain is inevitable.

Assuming that red light is able to reduce stubborn fat pockets and shape your body it is still not a good option if you would like to fully transform your body and like any other non-invasive method for fat removal it is a good option for those who already have lost a considerable amount of weight and are facing challenges to lose the last remaining stubborn fats in one or two parts of their body.

Treating cellulite with red light therapy

Red light treatment basically works by boosting the mitochondria of the cells which can lead to more collagen creation and better blood flow under the skin. This will most likely result in cellulite treatment after multiple sessions. Remember that like fat reduction, there is yet to be enough data to show that red light treatment is able to reduce cellulite.

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Treating cellulite with red light therapy

Red light treatment alternatives for body shaping

For those who would like to shape their body without having to follow restrictive diets and hard exercises, there are various non-surgical methods that can be used to shape the body and get rid of fat cells in different parts of the body. If you are not convinced to go with the red light therapy and want to know about how other fat removal treatments can help you achieve the best version of yourself you can go with cryolipolysis or a warm sculpting procedure.

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Fat freezing is a method that is backed by science and more than two decades of people getting results. Coolsculpting is the most known device which uses this technique to destroy fat cells in different body parts.

Warm sculpting is also relatively new and there are devices like truSculpt ID that have proven themselves capable of removing fat cells lying deep inside the body. truSculpt ID is one of the best slimming devices on the market that can achieve 24% fat reduction in each target area and the sessions do not take long. There are multiple studies approving the technique that this slimming machine uses and there are hundreds of satisfied customers that can testify to its capabilities.

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