When you are exercising, your body is burning fat cells to supply the energy that it needs. However, you might not feel any changes or the result of your hard workout session are not visible. This is because you already burned those cells that could be destroyed, there are other types of fat in your body that are somehow immune to diet and work out and eliminating them is quite challenging. Now with the development of new slimming machines like truSculpt and Emsculpt it has become easier to target stubborn fat cells and destroy them. But which one is better? Here we will compare the two options so you can find it easier to choose between these devices.

truSculpt vs Emsculpt which is better?

truSculpt has been the trend in the market for the past few years. This company was able to make new machines able to melt stubborn fats and make muscle tissue stronger and in better shape.

See our clients results after truSculpt ID treatment in Dubai

truSculpt ID is one the best devices that uses RF radio frequency to target fats in different parts of the body. This device main benefits are:

truSculpt vs Emsculpt which is better?

  • Different methods of procedure to achieve a better customized outcome
  • 3 types of machines each capable of different operations.
  • Short sessions from 15 minutes to 1 hour
  • Multiple target areas per sessions ( up to 8 parts)

Over these past few years truSculpt has proven to be a revolutionary machine in fat reduction without any serious side effects. In fact this non surgical fat removal will allow clients to take sessions and then go on continue their daily jobs and routing without complication.

Emsculpt on the other hand, uses the same radio frequency tech to target fat cells the only difference is that this machine also employs High intensity electromagnetic energy to contract muscle tissues resulting in thousands of contractions in minutes. Other advantages of this machine are considered to be the following:

  1. It will help you build a six pack faster
  2. Reduces fats in your belly, buttocks and arms
  3. Enhances muscle tone in target area
  4. Time saving treatment
  5. No recovery time required
  6. No incisions needed
  7. High percentage of fat reduction ( 23% on average )
  8. Near 15 % of increase in muscle mass
  9. truSculpt and Emsculpt overall comparison

The data and the previous clients results show us that there is no answer on which device is the better option. Both of them are able to help you get in better shape and while Emsculpt offers two solutions at once ( muscle building and fat removal ) truSculpt has made a unique machine each for a certain purpose. For example truSculpt ID is especially made to eliminate fats and truFlex is for muscle building. So its best to consider your goal. If you want to lose more fat, truSculpt ID is the better option and if you want both fat removal and muscle toning at the same time, the Emsculpt is your go to option.

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