ICOONE is considered to be one of the most advanced devices in the market today, capable of performing miracles on the body. This modern machine offers body contouring solutions alongside skin care treatments suitable for both males and females of any age group. Elegant Hoopoe is proud to announce that we are the first weight management Clinic to offer ICOONE Laser in Dubai.


Icoone laser treatment technology is a breakthrough of its kind, and from the very beginning, it has shown how powerful it can be.


This device is the newest type of vacuum massaging machine, allowing precise work on different types of tissues and body parts.

ICOONE laser treatment uses a technology called Roboderm innovative patented, with multiple massage heads which are equipped with rollers and micropores. These rollers create a multi-bubble stimulation, and the design of the massaging heads allows precise work on the skin without damaging the tissue or stretching.

Icoone treatment can be performed on all types of skin cells, and everyone can use the device regardless of age or sex.

ICOONE Laser is the only device in the world capable of Multi-microalveolar stimulation, and the FDA approves it.

The treatment can be done on different parts of the body, including:

  • face
  • eyes
  • arms
  • neck
  • thighs
  • buttocks

How does ICOONE Laser Body contouring work?

Icoone laser, as its name suggests, utilizes a unique laser technology alongside LEDs to eliminate fat cells. It also treats cellulite by decreasing the volume of adipocytes.

How does ICOONE Laser Body contouring work?


For a long-lasting result, ICOONE will improve collagen and elastin production for better skin quality and increase oxygen supply to the skin. This device will increase cell activity by providing tissue stimulation; this will enhance the results on the skin and the whole body

ICOONE In Dubai applications

ICOONE is considered to be an All-in-one device that can be used for the following treatments:

  1. Eliminate cellulite;
  2. Solve problems with excess weight;
  3. Improve lymphatic drainage or reduce lymphoedema
  4. scars and muscle stiffness
  5. Secure therapeutic rehabilitation and athletic recovery;
  6. safe procedures, which can even be recommended to pregnant women;
  7. painless procedures;


In fact, this revolutionary is the definition of killing two birds with one stone; the only difference is you will be killing even more than two birds!

ICOONE Laser in Jumeirah Dubai

If you are looking for a way to get rid of those stubborn fats ICOONE is one the best non-invasive weight loss options that can help you get in shape much faster with permanent results.

ICOONE Body Contouring in Dubai

Roboderm technology performs the Multi Micro Alveolar stimulation or MMAs. This will mobilize cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue while enhancing circulation and helping the body to get rid of dead fat cells faster through the lymphatic system.

To achieve the best results, Icoone is mainly used by the two heads of massages to ensure a symmetrical shape of the body. Generally, the Laser technology and the massaging part work together to contour the body precisely. This treatment is entirely painless and can be customized to each client based on their needs and goals.

ICOONE Wrinkle and stretch mark treatment in Dubai

Another aspect of ICOONE which makes it one of the best in the industry is the ability to rejuvenate the skin, making the client look much younger and healthier.

ICOONE Wrinkle and stretch mark treatment in Dubai

With Icoone’s unique anti-ageing approach, you can quickly get rid of your wrinkles and expression lines in a few short sessions. The difference between this treatment and others is that ICOONE will eliminate the leading cause behind those wrinkles, and you will enjoy the outcome in the long term.

The heads designed for face massage are unique, and they can reach anywhere on the face and neck to increase circulation, ultimately resulting in collagen and elastin production.

Another challenge most people face after they have lost weight is their loose and saggy skin, and for those who seek perfection, this is not acceptable. Icoone treatments will tighten the skin and all target areas, no matter what the skin type is or how saggy it has gotten. For those who have experienced rapid weight changes, stretch marks are natural to happen and ICOONE technology is capable of dealing with that problem in no time!

ICOONE Breast lift

One of the consequences of ageing is that our skin tissues and muscles will fall due to the downward pressure of gravity. Most women experience this more than men, especially in their cleavage area.

ICOONE Breast lift

Fortunately, now, there are new ways that you can lift your breasts and other parts of the body without having to go under surgery. ICOONE technology can provide 21600 Microstiulations in just one minute. This will increase blood flow to the area so the tissue receives more oxygen, and therefore, metabolic exchanges are increased, resulting in much firmer tissue and skin.

ICOONE Cellulite Treatment UAE

Cellulite is one of the most skin-related problems that can happen to anyone. It makes the skin uneven and dimpling, and some might consider this situation in contradiction to what they want their body to look like. Hopefully, there are lots of methods to try when it comes to cellulite treatment, and ICOONE is believed to be one of the best devices that can help with that issue.

ICOONE Cellulite Treatment UAE

ICOONE  Treatment Process

One of the reasons ICOON became a popular option is that the treatment process will not take too much time, and the clients can easily get back to their daily routing. Each session usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and it can be done on the face, belly, neck, legs or other parts with stubborn fat pockets despite the type of skin and its sensitiveness.

ICOONE body shaping Treatment Process

Treatment is painless, and during the process, you will feel a slight cold and skin suction.

ICOONE treatments start with a massage session that could take 20 minutes to cover the whole body. The next step is to repeat the massage only with a focus on specific parts of the body.

Please note that if you have the following condition this treatment might not be suitable for you:

  • Tumours
  • Skin damage, fresh wounds
  • Pregnancy
  • Vein inflammation
  • Poor blood clotting
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Systemic infections
  • Long term use of steroids
  • Acute kidney
  • liver failure

Benefits of ICOONE laserBenefits of ICOONE laser body shaping

  • Healthy and young-looking skin
  • Eliminating cellulite fast and safe
  • Fast fat removal (“breeches”, tummy fat, hip fat)
  • Skin tightening solution (i.e. loose skin over the knees and tummy folds)
  • Reducing belly size after pregnancy
  • Slim and toned figure
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Decreasing water in between body tissues
  • Detoxifying
  • Lymphatic edema reduction
  • Stretch mark and scar removal
  • Constipation treatment
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Recovering body after working out
  • Easing the pain in different parts of the body
  • Eliminating wrinkles
  • ICOONE results in Dubai
  • ICOONE is the only device in the market that you can see its outcome even after the very first time of use. However, most people will need multiple sessions to get the best results possible.

ICOONE Price and reviews Dubai

ICOONE is the only device in the market that you can see its outcome even after the very first time of use. However, most people will need multiple sessions to get the best results possible. You can contact our team at Elegant Hoopoe to enquire more about the process and the prices for ICOONE treatments.

ICOONE Price and reviews Dubai

ICOONE laser reviews

The technology behind ICOONE is not only meant for fat reduction or skin care. It can also be used in the medical field. For example, those with severe burns can use this device to help improve their skin quality.

ICOONE laser reviews

Overall, clients’ experience with this treatment shows that ICOONE is currently one of the best choices available. This machine can help with weight management and skin care. While there are lots of other options, the icoone stands tall between them.