When it comes to providing our body with protein, vitamins, minerals, and all the other substances it needs to function, our primary source is food and drinks. Also, some might choose oral supplements and medications to give an extra boost to their nutrition level. Though these are not the only methods, IV infusion or intravenous infusion are other effective ways of providing the body with all those substances faster. Those IV bags are not just for different surgeries; they can also be used for other means! In this article, we will compare IV infusion therapy and oral supplements and examine the differences between each treatment.

The difference between IV infusion and oral supplements

As we covered, both methods are suitable for providing the body with essential nutrition, but their administration is entirely different. Oral supplements such as pills, tablets, and capsules are swallowed and absorbed by the digestive system.

The difference between IV infusion and oral supplements

Intravenous or IV therapy, on the other hand, is delivering the vitamins and other minerals directly to the bloodstream through a needle and catheter. The most common substances in IV bags are vitamins B and C, Calcium, magnesium, electrolytes, and amino acids. There are different IV infusion treatments, each with a unique set of minerals and nutrition.

Benefits of IV therapy over oral administration

While oral supplements are easier to take and most accessible, IV therapy has some significant advantages that make it more effective.

The absorption rate

The most important difference between these two methods is that when you take oral supplements, the absorption of nutrients and minerals is limited due to the fact that the digestive system’s absorption is not at a 100 percent level, while the IV infusion absorption rate is nearly 100 percent.

Another key difference between these two methods is that IV therapy is a much faster way of providing nutrition for the body. IV infusion directly pushes all the minerals and substances into the bloodstream, while taking oral supplements is not a direct way, and due to the fact that it needs to be digested first, it takes more time to get into the system. As far as time and fast results are concerned, IV infusion therapy is the best method.

Custom mixture

Iv therapy does have yet another advantage over oral supplements. A customized blend of nutrients and minerals is possible in IV treatment, and that means that for each individual, there is a unique mixture of substances that can be the most effective for their body. This is not the case for oral supplements, and most people will have to take multiple pills and tablets to get the results they want. Here at elegant hoopoe, we provide you with the most effective IV therapy in Dubai, so whether you want to get rid of a hangover or simply you just need an energy boost for the week, we can give you a unique IV treatment that suits your needs.

Muti-targeting with IV therapy!

Iv therapy has gained popularity due to its speed, effectiveness, and the fact that you can target multiple problems. After an IV session, your energy level will reach its peak, and you feel the change instantly, but that is not all. The substances inside most IV bags can help your immune system fight better against bacteria and viruses, and you can tackle severe dehydration with one simple session.

IV treatment is an efficient method to provide the body with the most important nutrients, especially for those who have been following a restrictive diet and are now facing nutrition deficiency. Pregnant women might also benefit from this treatment if their doctor allows it.

Avoiding the side effects of oral administration

Taking supplements orally has its own side effects. Some people might experience acid reflux, and some might get an upset stomach after taking those supplements. This is not the case with IV infusion, and there will be no digestive system-related side effects as this treatment bypasses the system. Another advantage of intravenous vitamin injection is that it is a more reliable method for people with digestive system problems and those who might be facing certain health problems. However, those who are experiencing certain diseases may only be eligible for IV infusion if their doctor approves of this treatment.

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