Best IV Therapy and IV Drip in Dubai

Best IV Therapy and IV Drip in Dubai

Elegant Hoopoe has gathered the best of staff and experts to give an exquisite and scientific approach to health and wellness. Our IV Therapy or IV Drip packages can give you all the minerals and nutrition your body needs. Vitamin Infusion is one of the best methods to restore your energy level and enhance your overall health naturally and safely.

For each individual, we offer a different type of IV Drip based on their health and nutrition level and how they are going to react to certain types of minerals. Before any injection, our healthcare provider will assess each person’s health status, and based on their medical record, they will get the best Vitamin Infusion possible.

Our IV therapy is useful for:

What is IV therapy Or Vitamin Infusion?

Intravenous micronutrient therapy, better known as IV therapy, is a treatment that administers high doses of minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream.

What is IV therapy Or Vitamin Infusion?

Unlike the natural way of the digestive system, which slowly absorbs the minerals and nutrition the body needs, Vitamin Infusion is a much faster way of providing the body with all those substances. IV therapy is generally capable of treating the following health problems:

What is Myers’ Cocktail?

One of the most popular IV mixtures is The Myers Cocktail, a combination of vitamins and minerals introduced by Doctor John Myers in the 1970s. This mixture includes:

2 to 5 mL of magnesium
1 to 3 mL of calcium
1 mL of vitamin B6
1 mL of vitamin B12
1 mL of vitamin B5
1 mL of vitamin B complex
4 to 20 mL of Vitamin C

What are the Benefits of IV Drip

Vitamin Infusion can have multiple benefits both for men and women. One of the most essential benefits of IV therapy is that it can help the body get proper hydration since it contains natural fluids. In fact, hydrating the body is the main reason most people feel much lighter and more energetic after each injection.

Vitamin infusion therapy is also considered to be one of the best ways to supply the body with all the minerals and nutrition it needs, especially when the digestive system fails to do so. This is why this treatment can be effective in all aspects of the human body’s health, from maintaining weight in a healthy range to even immune system improvement.

Even the clinical data and the research conducted so far back this treatment’s effectiveness. For instance, one study that was conducted on 1000 people showed that IV therapy is safe and most certainly effective. ( Study By Alan Gaby )

Dos and Don’ts of IV Drip Treatment in Dubai

Although IV therapy is generally safe and does not pose any threat to most people, there are some considerations that you should know about.

You should first inform your healthcare provider of any allergies and medical conditions you currently have. Also, informing them of any drugs or medicines you take is essential. You must report any pain or discomfort you may experience during each session. Drink water and hydrate your body before the treatment for optimal results.

Do not touch the IV therapy site or the tubing. Do not pull out the tube or move too much during the treatment. It is prohibited to remove the IV catheter by yourself Do not smoke or drink alcohol during the session

Hangover IV therapy in Dubai

If you have been partying hard and drinking alcohol a lot, then your body is in need of many nutritions and minerals since alcohol can drain the body from various valuable vitamins and minerals. That is why you feel hungover the next day, and one of the fastest and safest ways to get over it is to use an IV Drip or injection and give your body back all the substances it has lost. With just one short IV treatment session, you will feel much better and more energetic, and you can continue your normal daily routine without any feeling of fatigue or tiredness.

Our post-party IV treatment in Dubai will not only supply your body but also hydrate it and help your kidneys function better. Other beneficial impacts of our IV therapies are their detoxification and Anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea effects.

IV therapy price in Dubai

There are various types of IV drips and treatments, and each one of them has its own cost; you can get more details about our vitamin infusion treatment simply by calling our center in UAE, or you can even book a session to have a full consulting session with our expert.

IV therapy price in Dubai

Who is qualified for IV Drips and Vitamin Infusion?

As we already have covered before, since IV therapy is generally safe, most people can use these injections without any problems. For instance, athletes can restore their energy and power with a short session. Men and women can benefit from this treatment in many ways; for men, IV therapy can boost their sexual drive and improve overall performance, and for women, it can help balance out hormones and enhance overall health in many ways.

So if you have been following a diet or a hardcore exercise routine or even if you have been partying too hard, your body might be in need of vitamins and other nutritions to get back to its’ healthy state, and IV therapy is probably one of the best methods you can try to do that.

Generally speaking, IV treatment is good for the following group of people:

How long are IV treatment sessions?

Vitamin infusion sessions are mostly short and done in just 30 minutes, but some of them can take up to 60 minutes, depending on the type of IV therapy and the amount of injection material. The effects of IV therapy are felt right after the session, but the full effect is going to show itself after 12 to 24 hours, based on the type of injection. The results can last up to two months, but the overall lasting of the result heavily depends on each individual’s lifestyle.