Among all the treatments and procedures for fat removal, Liposuction is still the number one choice for those who would like to see changes happen fast, and they simply are not afraid to put their body under the knife! Traditional Liposuction is considered to be a fully invasive surgery, and much like any other type of surgical procedure, it will leave some scars and marks after the surgery. Liposuction Scars are what most people would like to avoid, and there are methods you can try to minimize this side effect.

Does Liposuction leave scars?

As with any surgery, Liposuction will definitely leave behind some scars, but the looks of those marks are dependent on how smoothly the procedure will go. Significant scar marks after this surgery are pretty rare, and you should be looking for a professional doctor to perform the procedure so that you will not experience this problem.

Does Liposuction leave scars?

Generally speaking, the scars that are left after the Liposuction are nothing compared to other heavy procedures, mainly if modern methods like laser lipo are used. The incisions for Liposuction are not that big, and most of the time, the mark left behind can not be seen through the naked eye. However, there is still a chance of more prominent scar marks to be left. You should know that there is another side effect of Liposuction that might be the reason behind noticeable scars, and that is Hyperpigmentation.

According to the result of a study done on 600 people after they had undergone lipo surgery, 1,3 percent of them experienced keloid scars on the exact spot of the incision. So, suppose you have a history of developing this kind of scar. In that case, you might want to reconsider the liposuction treatment for fat removal and try other methods, such as non-surgical fat removal.

How to get rid of liposuction scars

How to get rid of liposuction scars

You should know that no matter what you do, your skin will never be like before the procedure, but you can reduce scar marks, and there are different ways to get rid of these marks to the point where they are practically invisible to the naked eye.

Silicon gel for liposuction scars

One of the most famous methods to minimize the appearance of any scar type is to use silicone gels, and you can easily apply them according to their instructions at home. Applying these silicon gels will hydrate the skin and result in less collagen creation. Because collagen is a fundamental part of skin cell recreation, this will result in less raised skin in the target area. Basically, silicon gels prevent the body from overcompensating. 


Another easy way to get rid of the liposuction marks is to use chemical peels or microdermabrasion. This treatment actually works by removing a layer of the skin, making the scars less bold, and it can be done in a dermatologist’s office. After the treatment, most people face only some mild redness in the area, and for the treatment to be effective, it needs to be done in multiple sessions. 

Laser treatment

Laser therapy can be used to treat many skin-related problems, and scar marks are one of them. This treatment is usually done in more than just one session, and the total time it requires varies from person to person. In the process of this procedure, a laser beak heats the skin tissue on the scar and stimulates healthy cell growth around it. 


To get rid of hypertrophic and keloid scars, Cryotherapy is a good option. The treatments start with piercing the scar tissue and then freezing it from the inside out with nitrogen gas. After the freezing part is completely done, the skin tissue of the scar will be “released” from the surrounding area. Cryotherapy is considered one of the best methods to reduce big scar marks, and it is a low-pain, quick, and simple treatment that most people face no limitations. It is worth mentioning that Cryotherapy is still a treatment that requires more studies, clinical research, and comparisons to other skin-related treatments. However, it has demonstrated promising results so far. 

Liposuction scar removal surgery

The last option for extensive and severe scar marks is surgery. This treatment is highly invasive, and while it aims to reduce the scars of a previous surgery like Liposuction, it still might leave some spots behind.

How to avoid liposuction scars?

Well, there is nothing you can do to prevent scar marks from appearing because it is entirely natural. If you wish to avoid such things, then it is best to consider liposuction alternatives, or if you persist on this type of treatment, at least go to a good doctor or better yet try less invasive laser liposuction. 


It is also worth mentioning that there are other methods for you to contour your body without surgery or even without having to follow a diet and exercise plan, and you might want to research some of these treatments, such as Fat freezing and Ultrasonic cavitation. There are slimming devices that have been approved by the FDA and are capable of helping you get rid of those extra fat chunks that don’t respond to diet or workout. These non-invasive methods have no side effects, and unless you have a BMI higher than 30, then you are eligible to try them. 

It is essential to follow the aftercare instructions the doctor will give you so you avoid any other side effects, including scar marks. Drinking water is also recommended as water will help the cells reproduce and shape better and hydrate your skin.

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