When people are considering their weight loss and fat removal options, they often come across different technologies and methods advertised by weight loss centers that perform them. Laser liposuction treatment is not any different, there are multiple options at hand both in the method of the treatment and the technologies available. Smart Lipo and AirSculpt, are now dominating the market and a full comparison between the two will help you to choose the one that is a better option for you.


Differences of Smart lipo and AirSculpt 

How Does SmartLipo Work?

Using laser-based elimination of fat technology, SmartLipo is a body slimming and fat reduction treatment that removes fat from the body methodically and effectively.  

A surgeon can then remove and eliminate the fat cells from particular regions of the body because the heat generated by the laser’s beam liquefies the fat cells located in the targeted areas. In certain instances, massage therapy may be used to help remove the fat following laser surgery. 

SmartLipo is a prominent innovation of optical lipid breakdown technology. While SmartLipo may be the most used term for the process, similar technology underpins several extraordinarily safe and efficient laser units.


Which Advantages Does SmartLipo Offer?

With laser liposuction, you can permanently reduce fat in every body part, including the face, thighs, and buttocks. In contrast, traditional liposuction methods may only target the typical body parts. 

The heat from the laser can tighten the skin in specific areas and reduce the chance of wrinkles or loose skin that can occasionally follow an ordinary liposuction process, so besides effectively eliminating fat, SmartLipo may also have the extra advantage of skin tightening. 


What Steps Are Included in the Procedure?

1. An experienced, specially trained surgeon will meet with you before the operation to go over your desires and targets. To assist you in achieving the intended outcomes, the plastic surgeon will design a personalized invasive strategy. 

2. A time is being arranged for you to receive treatment. Meet up a bit early on the scheduled day of your SmartLipo so that you can complete the required paperwork. 

3. After being shown into a sterilized operating room, you will receive local anesthesia. After becoming numb, the doctor will put a beam of light through the cut. The laser destroys the fatty tissue membranes in cells. 

4. A plastic surgeon will vacuum the liquid fat out via an insignificant cannula. It may require up to two hours to complete the process. Throughout the Procedure, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort.



Because the laser does not harm the surrounding tissue precisely like it does in conventional liposuction, recuperation from smart lipo is speedy. After the procedures, compressing clothing may be recommended to improve the flow of blood in the affected area, yet they are pleasant to wear. 

For 14 days following care, you will be told not to engage in intense exercise; however, mild exercise is acceptable and will even aid in your recovery. A subsequent visit is scheduled to assess your advancement. 

AirSculpt vs Smart lipo in action

How Does AirSculpt Work? 

A new method offers a new body contouring procedure called AirSculpt, which is very safe. It is a revolutionary procedure that shapes specific body parts while effectively eliminating fat and tightening the skin. 

You may think of AirSculpt as liposuction plus laser therapy heat. Due to its ability to firm the layer of skin surrounding the liposuctioned areas, it has gained popularity. It is not the same as liposuction, which takes place without a blade while the person receiving treatment is conscious. 

The top-rated plastic surgeons utilize an alternate type of cutting blade to cut into skin rather than a blade or surgical knife. With the use of AirSculpt, the surgeon can create a naturally beautiful physique by accurately shaping the shape of your body to your preferred appearance, free of kinks and bumps. Because it is a safe technique, recovery happens quickly, and there is a Shorter recovery period. Because AirSculpt is less intrusive, recovery from the operation happens more quickly. 


What Is AirSculpt Lipo Procedure? 

The technique involves the surgeon making an incision in the skin about the size of a freckle, through which the unique device—which eliminates extra fat cells and tightens the surrounding tissue—is inserted. 

Nevertheless, additional measures must be taken throughout an AirSculpt fat transfer to create the entry locations where the fat improvements will be applied besides the starting areas where the fat will be removed. 

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The recovery period following AirSculpt® is between 24 and 48 hours. Tight clothing is therefore required to provide the best (and symmetrical) slimming effects. While vigorous activity should be eschewed for several weeks, clients may return to routine tasks, including, if necessary, going out to dinner on the day of the treatment. 


What Constitutes the Difference Between AirSculpt and SmartLipo? 

Because of its accuracy, AirSculpt is not like SmartLipo. SmartLipo burns fat by selectively striking any biological material that acts as an impediment, such as muscle or tissue, using instruments fitted with inaccurate lasers. 

AirSculpt is a far more exact technique than laser lipo. The surgeon points the unique AirSculpt needle at the issue spot to concentrate on resistant fat while preventing everything else. The advanced technology enables the surgeon to meticulously and accurately remove each fat cell by stopping if it comes into contact with any nonfat substance. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of AirSculpt and Smart Lipo 

Selecting between the Smart Lipo and AirSculpt techniques can be difficult. To make a well-informed decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages listed below. Then, make an appointment for a consultation with a weight loss clinic in Dubai. 


  • Less Intrusive: Smart Lipo is less intrusive than standard liposuction treatments, although incisions must still be made. 
  • Faster Healing Time: Both procedures’ recovery times are relatively short—usually lasting one to three days—but the recovery time with Smart Lipo is far quicker. 
  • Conscious During Your Technique: Smart Lipo requires no general anesthesia because it is a less intrusive technique. The delicate nature of AirSculpt allows for a choice of local anesthetic besides oral sedation, eliminating the necessity for general anesthesia and its associated risks. 


  • Not in Cases with Notable Fat Pockets: Conventional liposuction is the superior option for removing large areas of fat from the body.

Choosing the best laser liposuction technology

The similarities between these two dominators can make it a hard choice for those who are considering the treatment. The best advice we can give you is that you should be searching for a weight loss and fat removal center that offers the best results and its portfolio shows how successful the previous treatments were. Here at Elegant Hoopoe, we offer you the most exclusive plan and our experts are ready to help you shape your body the way you desire. You can contact us or book an appointment online to get a private consulting session with our expert.

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