Not long ago, when people wanted to shape their bodies without diet or hardcore workout sessions, the only option they could go with was Liposuction. Fortunately, with the progress made in weight loss and fat reduction technologies, there are more procedures and treatments one can choose from to transform their body. Two of the most popular choices are Smart Lipo and Emsculpt, and a complete comparison between the two will help to go with the option suited for you.

In this article, we are going to explore the differences between Emsculpt and laser lipo, better known as smart lipo.

Differences between Emsculpt and Smart Lipo

The term “Body shaping” could be defined in many ways. Some people might see it as a process of weight loss, while others consider it as a muscle toning and building process. Either way, both groups have the same goal: to change their body and shape it the way they desire.

Smart Liposuction is a new type of minimally invasive procedure in which the fat pockets in certain areas of the body are attacked by a laser beam and extracted from the area through a small tube. This treatment does not put much pressure on the body, and most people recover from the procedure a few days after, in contrast to traditional Liposuction, which requires extensive incisions made in the body to remove fat pockets manually.

Differences between Emsculpt and Smart Lipo

Emsculpt, on the other hand, is a new type of non-invasive body contouring machine that allows shaping the muscle tissues in different parts of the body faster. This device uses electromagnetic energy to help the muscles contract hundreds of times in a short period. These contractions stimulate blood circulation, and they will cause fat cells in the target area to melt faster, and then those dead cells will exit the body through natural processes such as the lymphatic system.

The Emsculpt is one the most powerful devices, and the contractions it makes are said to be impossible to achieve even in the most demanding workout sessions. For instance, a thirty-minute session with Emsculpt on the glutes is equal to the effect of 24000 squats on that area. In addition, the RF technology will penetrate the skin and target fat cells located deep in the body. The clinical data suggests that after four sessions with Emsculpt, 25% of the fat cells are destroyed, and the muscle growth would be nearly 30%.

Why choose Laser Lipo over Emsculpt?

Smart Liposuction is a better option for those who have a more significant portion of fat cells in their body that would not quickly go away. For example, those who have gone through pregnancy, and now have a big chunk of stubborn fat in their belly, and they want to get rid of that quickly. Laser liposuction can only be effective when fat reduction is concerned, and this treatment will have nothing to do with muscle building and toning.

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Why choose Laser Lipo over Emsculpt?

Laser Lipo (Smart Lipo) Emsculpt
One session for each target area Multiple sessions for each target area
Minimally invasive Non-invasive
Requires downtime and recovery Walk-in Walk-out treatment without down time
Only for fat reduction Can be used for both muscle building and fat reduction
Results are visible after recovery Results will be visible after 3 months

Ideal candidate for Emsculpt

As we have already covered, this device is capable of killing two birds with one stone. So, if you are considering a way to both get rid of your fat cells and grow some muscle, this is the better choice for you; however, you should know that, like any other non-surgical treatment, Emsculpt would require multiple sessions to reach the desired outcome. The whole treatment process could last more than six months, and each session can take 30 minutes or more.

Ideal candidate for Emsculpt

The ideal candidate for Emsculpt would be:

  • Someone who has been following a good diet alongside a regular exercise program.
  • They have succeeded in losing weight and are near their desired silhouette.
  • Their main goal is to shape their muscle rather than to lose fat.

Emsculpt and Laser Lipo together

A lot of weight management experts would recommend both of these treatments. Laser Liposuction would help you to get rid of big pockets of fat, and after recovering from that procedure, Emsculpt would help you to get even closer to the dream version of your body.

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