We all know that when we are working out, we are burning fat cells in different parts of our body, but here’s the thing about it: exercise or diet will not help us to get rid of fats in a specific area. For instance, it does not matter what kind of exercise you do; your belly will most likely not change, considering it holds most of the stubborn fats in your body. This is why most people try other solutions like CoolScultping and Warmsculpting. In fact, these two treatments have proven to be the most effective when it comes to customized body shaping without any surgery. But which one of these procedures is more effective in fat reduction?

Coolsculpting and warmsculpting similarities

These two treatments have so much in common. They are both non-invasive, making them perfect for those who want to shape their body faster without cutting open their body as they would have in liposuction.

They can target particular areas in the body; for example, you can apply these treatments in your abdomen area if you would like to shape it better.

Coolsculpting and warmsculpting similarities

Another similarity between the two is that they do not require anesthesia, and they are considered a walk-in walk-out procedure. Unlike liposuction, warm sculpting and cool sculpting do not need recovery time afterward.

These two fat reduction methods are recommended to those who already have been following a healthy diet and workout plan and just want to get rid of the fat that won’t budge. Surgical options, on the other hand, are better for those who have obesity and are facing life-threatening diseases.

Warm sculpting and cool sculpting differences

Well, as their names suggest, these treatments approach fat reduction differently.

warm sculpting treatmentĀ 

Warmsculpting works by heating the area to a temperature so that the fat cells’ structure is destroyed without harming other tissues nearby.

Warm sculpting and cool sculpting differences

Most devices in the market use hyperthermic laser technology in order to warm up the target area. Some utilize Radio Frequency alongside it, such as truSculpt ID. These devices are most likely to have a paddle-like part that attaches to the body. Take truSculpt ID, for example; this device is currently one the most popular choices among people who want to shape their bodies. It has multiple paddles, and they can be placed in different parts of the body and work at the same time.

How different are truSculpt ID and CoolSculpt Fat Freezing?

Warmsculpting gained popularity because it is painless, and the only thing people experience is a slight redness in the target area, which will go away within the next 24 hours.

Each warmsculpting treatment will usually take thirty minutes, but it depends on the target area and the goal of the client. It is reported that after each session, nearly 24% of the fat cells in the area will be destroyed.

The most popular devices for warmsculting are:

  • truSculpt ID
  • SculpSure
  • vanquish
  • Vellashape
  • AirSculpt

Cooling Sculpting or warmSculpting, which is better?

Cryolipolosys has been around for nearly two decades, and the most known device for this type of fat removal is CoolSculpting. This device usually works only on the stomach, but it can be applied to other parts of the body if a suitable head is available. In this procedure, the head of the device is placed on the belly, and it sucks in a chunk of the belly inside and then starts the cooling phase. Fat cells are frozen at a specific temperature, and then the lymphatic system will gradually get rid of them over time.

Cooling Sculpting or warmSculpting, which is better?

CoolSculpting sessions usually take longer than warmsculping, and most people will feel pain during the treatments because of the vacuum phase. The most common side effects are :

  • swelling
  • redness
  • numbness
  • slight pain after treatment

CoolSculpting also has a scarce side effect called PAH, which requires surgery to deal with.

In conclusion, we can say that warmsculpting procedures are more desirable and most people would prefer them to Coolsculpting due to being painless and not having serious side effects. The technologies in warmsculpting are more advanced and they can deliver the result faster.

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