There are many solutions when slimming and weight loss solutions are concerned. Two of the most popular choices are truSculpt and Coolsculpting, which arguably dominate the market by themselves. But what are the differences between these two devices, and which one wins the battle of truSculpt vs Coolsculpting fat freezing?

A complete comparison of truSculpt vs. Coolsculpting

What technologies do truSculpt and Coolsculpting use?

The first difference between these two non-surgical weight loss devices is the technology they use to attack and eliminate fat cells.

A complete comparison of truSculpt vs. Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Fat Freezing, as its name suggests, destroys fats by cooling them in a process called Cryolipolysis. After freezing, those dead cells will exit the body through the lymphatic system.

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truSculpt, on the other hand, is a new device that uses monopolar radiofrequency technology to deal with fat cells. Trusculpt ID, 3D, and flex are the 3 devices that are produced by the company, each designed for a specific need, and truSculpt ID is the one for fat reduction.

This machine actually destroys fats by heating them in a temperature range that is not dangerous for other types of cells in the human body.

Treatment time of Coolsculpting vs truSculpt

Treatment time is one the most important factors people consider in choosing a weight loss solution. Now, between these two options, Coolsculpting treatment can take up to 105 per session for each area; some have even experienced up to 4-hour treatment sessions.

Treatment time of Coolsculpting vs truSculpt

Trusculpt sessions, however, take as short as 15 minutes per session, and they can be as long as 45 minutes sometimes. So, Clearly, the truSculpt ID is the better option here.

What areas do Cooling sculpting and truSculpt ID cover?

Another important matter in choosing a slimming device is the areas of treatment they can cover. Each person is unique in their body shape, so it’s important that a device covers more parts of the body. Now, Coolsculpting can be used to destroy fat cells in these areas :

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Belly
  • Love handles
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat
  • Under your buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Under your chin

While truSculpt can treat areas like: 

  • Abdomen, stomach banana rolls and belly
  • Love handles
  • Inner thighs, knees and saddlebags
  • Arms and armpits
  • Neck, chin, and jawline area

What areas do Cooling sculpting and truSculpt ID cover?

 side effects comparison

When Coolsculpting first entered the market back in 2010, it was a huge trend because it was the first machine that could really and permanently reduce fat cells, even though it came with some side effects, which, to be fair, are mild to most people.

 truSculpt ID vs. Coolsculpting in terms of side effects

Coolsculpting uses a suction paddle, which is placed on the target area. This paddle sucks in a part of the body and then cools it, so it’s natural to feel some tugging in sessions. It is also common to feel cramps and pinching in the area that is being treated.

Other side effects of Coolsculpting are:

  • Pain in the area
  • Bruises
  • Redness and swelling

Note that these are common side effects of this device. There is also another rare complication that might occur after treatment, which is called Paradoxical Adipose Hypertrophy.

PAH is a one-in-a-thousand condition that can occur to some people after using this device, and it causes the treated part of the body to be even larger weeks after the session. This enlarged part, which mostly consists of fat cells, might be only removed by surgery.

How about truSculpt? Does this device also come with its side effects?

Well, truSculpt id, as said earlier, uses a Radio Frequency to heat the cells, and it does not do any type of vacuum in the area. Most of the people who had sessions with this machine described it as a warm massage. The only thing that the client might experience is mild redness in the treated area, which will usually go away in the next 5 to 10 hours.

Effectiveness of Coolsculpting and truSculpt ID

Both of these machines have proven to be effective in fat reduction.

The truSculpt results show that each client loses 24% to 32% of fat cells on average in each area. Coolsculpting, on the other side, can lead to a fat loss between 20 to 25 percent in the treatment area. Keep in mind that Coolsculpting has some limits, and it can not cover as much as truSculpt can. It also can not be used to treat those with a BMI higher than 30.

Effectiveness of Coolsculpting and truSculpt ID 

Although there is a huge difference when it comes to the treatment time per session, they both are recommended to be used for at least 2 months to get the best result possible. Note that the Coolsculpting outcome does not entirely depend on the device. It also depends on the after-treatment lymphatic massages.

So it is safe to say that the truSculpt is more effective in terms of effectiveness and time management.

Why should you choose truSculpt over Coolsculpting?

Why should you choose truSculpt over Coolsculpting?

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Besides what we already have covered here, there are other reasons most people choose truSculpt over fat-freezing.

  1. First and foremost, truSculpt can easily treat more parts of the body, including non-pinchable ones.
    This device can be used as a non-surgical way for those with a BMI higher than 30 who might not be able to go under invasive methods.
  2. Another important feature of the truSculpt is the ability to improve skin laxity and firmness.
  3. Trusculpt comes with different variations and can be utilized even without human control.
  4. This machine is capable of treating multiple areas all at the same time.
  5. Rare problems such as PAH and delayed neuropathic have never been reported after treatments with truSculpt ID.
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