When it comes to weight loss, most people start their journey by doing some exercises and a diet, some will take it more seriously and start working out in a gym with the help of a personal trainer, however, one the most common questions that people ask is that why they do not lose weight despite all the efforts they make? So if you are asking yourself why am I not losing weight? Then read the following parts to understand the reasons.

Reasons you are not losing weight

Reasons you are not losing weight

Not a well-balanced sleep schedule

Having enough sleep each day is very important to our overall health and if you are sleeping too much or too little ( less than 5 hours in the night). Then you are more likely to have problems in losing weight. The reason behind this is that sleeping helps our body to balance the hormonal system and if you are getting not enough sleep then it is more likely to experience hormonal-related problems not losing weight while you are exercising and having a diet is one of many. It is also more likely to skip working out when you feel tired.

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You are losing weight without realizing it

To achieve a healthier body and to lose weight safely, It is important to follow a plan that leads to fat loss and not muscle loss. Now, most people are losing fat cells while exercising but they are also gaining more muscle mass and that is why their weight is not changing or even sometimes they gain some pounds. Losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time is the healthiest way to shape the body the way you would like so do not worry about how much you weigh all the time.

You are eating more than you should

You are eating more than you should
This is the most obvious reason, If you are eating too much then it is quite unlikely you lose weight. Most people think that they are keeping a balance between their calorie intake and outtake but they are not, here’s why:

They are not keeping track of what they are eating. It is reported that people who track their calorie intake during the day are more likely to lose weight but, it is best not to obsess about it. So you should just have an overall estimation of the calories you are receiving during the day.

Another challenge that people may face is binge eating. Binge eating is when you are eating too much food too fast and it can lead to weight gain after a short time. Binge eating could also be categorized as a disorder so if you can not control yourself and you have been binge eating for a long time then you have to visit a doctor or a healthcare professional to get help.

Eating fast is also another common reason you are not losing weight. Bear in mind that eating too fast is different from binge eating. You can train yourself to eat more mindfully, this will result in less calorie intake and more nutrition absorption. It has been proven through various studies that eating slowly will lead to healthy weight loss in the long term.

Low protein intake

Proteins are one of the most important nutrition groups, they can help you build muscle and lose extra fat cells. They also prevent heart-related diseases. Protein will create a sense of satiety and they have a regulating effect on appetite-related hormones like ghrelin.

Waiting too long to eat

When you wait more than you should to have your next meal, your body’s metabolism rate slows down and this is the last thing you want. So try not to put too much space between your meals so your metabolism stays high otherwise you will not experience the weight loss you should.

You are under stress

One of the most important reasons behind weight gain is stress. Being under too much stress for too long will increase the production of a hormone called cortisol and ultimately result in more hunger and appetite. Cortisol is also responsible for fat storage in the stomach area. It is best to avoid stressful situations and if you are unable to control it then it might be a good idea to consult with a professional on how to deal with this problem.

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Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is considered a common condition, especially in those who have a history of diabetes in their family. When human body does bot respond to the insulin hormone, it’s called insulin resistance. This situation will result in fat storage as those blood sugars are not dealt with accordingly. The best way to face this problem is to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise more often.

You are sitting all day long!

Weight gain is quite common among those whose jobs require sitting behind a desk and those who sit and watch TV a lot. Sitting for too long can trick your body so it does not know if you have eaten enough or not therefore you are more likely to overeat. Also sitting makes your blood flow slower and it comes with some side effects in the long term, so it is best to stand up every now and then and have a brief workout.

Not exercising enough

It is another obvious reason behind not losing weight. Exercising regularly can help you to get in shape faster and prevent your body from storing fats. It is best to combine a detailed diet with a working-out plan to get the optimal result. Also, It is important to not put too much pressure on yourself when you are working out because it might lead to muscle loss instead of fat loss. Having at least 150 minutes of moderate activity is recommended for adults.

Not exercising enough

High sugar consumption

Sugar intake is sometimes overlooked especially if a person is regularly exercising they might trick themselves that they are burning those calories away. It is important to know how much sugar is in your foods and drinks. Now, most drinks have a lot of sugar in them and it is not the best idea to keep drinking them even if they are labeled as diet drinks. Snacks also contain too much processed sugar and it is best to avoid stacking them in your house because it is very tempting to eat them while you feel slightly hungry. Try replacing these drinks and snacks with more healthier options like natural fruits and whole grains.

You are not monitoring your Carb intake

If you are facing a dead end in your weight loss journey then it might be the time you tried a low-carb diet. High consumption of carbohydrates is not going to help you lose weight even if you have a high protein intake or regular workout sessions. It is also reported that a low-carb diet is the best option for those with higher BMI and type 2 diabetes. Note that you should always follow a diet that is enjoyable to you rather than a hard one that does not help you feel good.

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Not Drinking enough water

Water can help you lose more weight! It does not have any calories and it can quench your thirst much better than any drinks with high amounts of sugar in them. Drinking 2 to 6 cups of clean water is recommended for most adults. It is also crucial to drink water while you are working out to maximize the effects and avoid any injuries. Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal can make you feel full and therefore you will eat less.

Too much alcohol consumption

Too much alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can undermine all the efforts you make to lose weight. Alcohol has a high amount of calories but that is not the only problem that comes with drinking alcohol. It can also make you more hungry, other disadvantages of alcohol consumption are:

Liver failure in long-term
Kidney failure
Digestive system-related problems.

A study conducted in 2019 showed that drinking too much alcohol can cause obesity, especially in women.

Medical conditions

There are some medical and health conditions that can lead to weight gain such as Hypothyroidism and polycystic ovary syndrome. If your thyroid is not active enough your body will not have enough hormones to balance your metabolism and therefore it will result in slower metabolism and a higher fat storage rate. Other than that using certain medications can also prevent you from losing weight such as corticosteroids, antidepressants, and diabetes medications.

Cheat days and weekends!

Good or bad most people reward themselves with a cheat day once in a while and if you are having too many days like this then weight gain is inevitable. Also, you have to moderate what you eat on the weekends, since most of us have different plans for the weekend, it is important not to forget about your diet and not indulge in foods and beverages especially when you are invited to a party.

Doing the same exercise over and over again!

It is natural to reach a weight loss plateau after a while. your body adapts to the exercise and the amount of physical activity therefore it does not burn as many calories as it used to when doing the same workout. So it is important to change your exercise program once in a while and put some challenges for your body though bear in mind that you should not over-exercise as it might cause injuries that can prevent you from working out for the long term.

you might be pregnant!

women gain weight during pregnancy and this might be the reason why you do not lose weight no matter what you do. When a women becomes pregnant her body tries to store more fat cells in order to use them later on especially after childbirth and for breastfeeding. So you had sexual intercourse in the past you better check if you are carrying a baby!

You are going through menopause 

Another common reason behind weight gain in women is the hormonal change they experience during menopause. In fact most women gain quite the weight in this time and it seems that no work out or diet can put a stop to that. However, you should not be worried since this is completely natural and you can still lose those extra pounds after your hormones have been stabilized.

Unrealistic expectations

It is quite common to see most people trying so hard to get in the shape like their favorite actor/actress. But, you should know that each person has a unique body structure and the ideal body weight and shape for each individual is different. So it is best to try to lose or gain some pounds to reach that ideal weight range of yours and try not to have unrealistic goals such as losing 20 pounds a month! Remember losing weight is about becoming a healthier version of ourselves and we should not put too much pressure on our body to gain or lose more than it should in a given time.

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