Have you ever wished to be in shape with a snap of a finger? Well, your dream may just become a reality. Elegant Hoope introduces to you the one and only INFRASLIMX in Dubai, the ultimate machine for fitness and weight loss. Now, you can achieve your dream body easier than ever!


This device is a zero gravity bike with a modern design that utilizes different technologies to maximize calorie burn and weight loss. The design of the machine allows the client to cycle in a lying position and the lower half of the body is inside the cabin.


How Infraslim works?

This new device utilized different technologies all at the same time. INFRASLIMX is a multipurpose slimming machine equipped with infrared, vacuum, oxygen, ozone, and aromatherapy. It is capable of cellulite treatment, muscle building, skin tightening, detoxifying, and fat burning.

INFRASLIMX will increase blood circulation in different parts of the body, resulting in cellulite reduction and much smoother skin. Inside the cabin will be heated up to a certain temperature, and it will boost the metabolism; combined with infrared technology, this device will attack fat pockets in different areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and hips.

How Infraslim works?

Lymphatic drainage is another benefit of this modern piece of slimming technology. The alternating vacuum boosts up the lymph circulation, which will result in faster detoxification of the body; it also helps the body to get rid of dead fat cells in a shorter period.

INFRASLIMX is going to make recovery much faster and easier. The massaging vacuum pressure and heating up with infrared light alongside the oxygen and ozone substances will help the body to recover better after hard workout sessions.

INFRASLIMX therapy in Dubai

One singe session with INFRASLIMX will burn nearly 1000 calories. The treatment is easy and it does not require any downtime. during the session the client can lay down and start cycling to increase the blood flow and maximize the calorie burn. The machine is equipped with a touch screen connected to different content platforms such as Netflix and YouTube and the client can easily enjoy watching a movie during their session.

INFRASLIMX therapy in Dubai

Vacuum therapy

the vacuum therapy acts like a gentle massage, and it will help in all other treatments this device has to offer. Vacuum massage helps to burn more fat and tighten the skin at the same time, as well as aiding the lymphatic system.


infrared therapy will boost metabolism, reduce stress, and stimulate blood circulation in the body.

Collagen therapy

One of the reasons the INFRASLIMX device has gained popularity in such a short time is its ability to increase collagen production. Collagen will make the skin much smoother, and it will reduce cellulite immensely.

Oxygen therapy 

Your body needs oxygen to respond better when it is under pressure, and INFRASLIMX oxygen therapy will eliminate the discomfort of dizziness, muscle cramps, and soreness one might feel after workout sessions.

Ozone therapy

This type of treatment comes with many advantages, for instance:

  • water retaining
  • strengthening immune system
  • rejuvenating skin
  • improving skin quality and cell structure

Aroma therapy

INFRASLIMX comes with a particular type of treatment that no other device is capable of, and that is aromatherapy.

A mixture of essential oils and their scent will reduce stress as well as increase blood flow. It also reduces inflammation while treating viral infections, burn marks, high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression.

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