Wellcome to the future of body shaping and wellness, this is now the Iyashi Dome world where the Japanese traditions meet their advance technological scales. this machine is derived from the Japanese traditional Sauna Ryoho where people would burry themselves in the hot sands of the beach to cleanse their bodies from toxins. Elegant Hoopoe is proud to announce that we have added Iyashi Dome in our health and wellness packages and you can have joyful session here in Dubai.

Iyashi Dome Dubai

What is Iyashi Dome?

Before we dive into what this machine is and how it operates we should take a look into the meaning of its name. Iyashi in Japanese has the same meaning as wellness and health, Dome is referred to the unique shape of the machine, hence the combination!

What is Iyashi Dome?

Iyashi Dome uses infrared rays in order to increase the temperature of the body to a certain level. This will have an enormous effect on the body metabolism and overall detoxification. Each session with Iyashi will take thirty minutes. the first 15 minutes is for the front of the body and the rest is for the back. The treatment is generally comfortable and most people will fall sleep during the process.

The second phase of the treatment is when the client will sweat the most. It is believed that each 30 minutes inside Iyashi Dome is equivalent to running for 20 km! and during the treatment the client can burn up to 600 calories!

Benefits of Iyashi Dome treatment

The first effect of this type of treatment is getting rid of all the toxins in our body by merely sweating a lot. it can also be used to help people recover from hardcore activities and work out sessions. this is beneficial for those bodybuilders who would prefer a faster recovery in order to build more muscle.

Benefits of Iyashi Dome treatment


Another important aspect of treatment with Iyashi Dome is its anti aging benefits due to the effect of infrared rays on the skin cells and the increase in the collagen creation in the body. Another advantage which made this machin popualr in the first place was its effect of weight loss. in fact because of the increased metabolism and burning calories at the same time this treatment could be combine with other  methods to shape the body the best way possible.

Iyashi Dome is used for:

  • Reducing cellulite
  • Reduce weight
  • Dealing with metabolic syndrome
  • Eliminating chronic fatigue
  • Dealing with sleep disorders
  • Making a stringer immune system
  • Reducing feeling of exhaustion
  • Faster recovery from injuries associated with different sports
  • Eliminating circulatory disorder
  • Treatment of arterial hypertention
  • Reducing radicular pain
  • Treatment of dyskinetic disorder of digestive system

Iyashi Dome therapy in Dubai

If you want the benefits that come with this treatment in Dubai, You can easily contact our team or simply Book an appointment online. Here at Elegant Hoopoe, you have the chance to combine Iyashi Dome sessions with our other treatments as well to both shape your body and detoxify it at the same time.