Since the introduction of non-surgical treatments for weight loss, such as CoolSculpting, people have been drawn to these treatments as they do not pose a risk to their bodies, and non-invasive procedures have only evolved ever since. Now, even for skin care treatments, there are different no-surgery methods, and new devices are entering the market for different skin procedures, and Emtone is one of them. But what is Emtone? Does it even work? In this article, we will dive deep into all the aspects of this newly introduced device.

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What Is Emtone?

Cellulite is a natural skin-related condition that happens due to fat pockets pushing up against the skin. As we get older, this cellulitis tends to appear more on different parts of the body but mainly on the buttocks, resulting in uneven skin.

What Is Emtone?

 Some people consider cellulite natural, and they are not willing to do anything about it. Others tend to see their skin smooth and without cellulite, so they try different methods to eliminate them. Emtone is a non-invasive cellulite treatment device claiming to be effective in cellulite reduction. Emtone is the very first machine that can deliver thermal and mechanical energy to the target area while treating all the aspects that ultimately result in cellulite.

According to the claims and advertisements, Emtone is able to solve the very root of the cellulite problem, not just suppressing the symptoms.

How does Emtone work?

How does Emtone work?

As we have covered before, many factors contribute to cellulite appearance, and for some, it might be more visible than others. Skin laxity is a natural result of aging, and genetics, sun exposure, and collagen production levels are other factors leading to skin laxity.

EMtone is a non-surgical skin care device that can help with skin tightening and cellulite removal, helping individuals have much younger-looking skin. Emtone is capable of targeting different areas of the body, and the technology it utilizes will address different cellulite causes such as loss of skin elasticity due to decreasing elastin and collagen, big fat pockets under the skin pressuring the skin tissue, poor circulation, fluids and waste reduction and the fibrous bands pulling down the skin. 

This Skin tightening and cellulite removal device releases a certain wave with unique frequency, which can stimulate the skin, resulting in better blood flow and decreasing fluid aggregation. Emtone uses two different methods of targeted pressure energy and Radio Frequency simultaneously and is approved by the FDA.

The radio frequency will increase the temperature of the target area skin up to 111 Fahrenheit, resulting in more collagen creation and more blood flow under the skin. This will help tighten the skin as well as get rid of cellulite after multiple sessions. The heat and the acoustic waves will also help the lymphatic system to get rid of dead fat cells in the target area more effectively. It is said that Emtone will encourage collagen creation up to 59 percent, 64 percent more elastin, and 44 percent more thickness of dermis.

Benefits of Emtone 

The most important reason behind the popularity of Emtone and other similar devices is that they can help individuals reach their aesthetic goals without any surgery. It does not require downtime or recovery, and the procedure is painless. Emtone can treat the buttocks, abdomen, arms, and thighs. Another advantage that comes with EMtone treatment is that this device serves two purposes: skin tightening and cellulite removal at the same time. Sessions with Emtone are fast, and each session will only last 20 minutes. Most individuals will require multiple sessions, which could last up to 6 months in total. 

Benefits of Emtone 

Who is qualified for Emtone treatment?

Since Emtone offers a non-surgical procedure, almost everybody can try it unless their medical and health condition does not allow them or they are in a particular phase such as pregnancy. This treatment is usually recommended for people older than 40 since cellulite and loose skin is more common among them.

Please note that even though Emtone affects the lymphatic system and helps in fat drainage, it is not a weight loss treatment. As far as safety is concerned, Emtone has been approved by the FDA, and the technology it uses is not new. We have seen it work on other devices for different purposes.


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