Most people find themselves struggling with weight loss and no matter how hard they try those pockets of fat do not seem to go away. This is why people start to search for other ways to get rid of their stubborn fat cells. There are only two options, one is to go through surgery and the other is to try new non surgical methods. Now non-invasive fat removal procedures have been introduced to the industry a long time ago but there are new technologies made every now and then. Two major no surgery options are of course laser lipo and truSculpt. But which of these two is the best procedure for you?

Laser liposuction vs truSculpt which is better?

You might think that laser lipo is the same as the traditional liposuction, that is not the case, laser liposuction is minimally invasive and its considered to be a much safer treatment. In this procedure the doctor uses a device that attacks fat pockets with a laser beam at a certain frequency.

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laser liposuction vs truSculpt which is better?

truSculpt on the other hand is completely non-invasive and it utilizes an RF technology to warm up and burn fat cells in different parts of the body. Both of these methods are similar to each other as they both destroy cells by merely heating them up, one with a laser and the other by radio frequencies.

Difference of laser lipo and truSculpt treatment

As said earlier in laser lipo treatment small incisions would be essential so that device can enter into the target area only then the laser beam would be able to reach the fat tissue beyond the skin. truSculpt however is entirely non-invasive and the radio frequency waves can go through skin and destroy fat cells that are hard to reach otherwise.

Laser liposuction needs a little more post-treatment care and recovery time while treatment with truSculpt does not and the client can easily continue their routine after the session.

Sessions with truSculpt device are typically short and a client can expect to end their treatment within 3 months though some might need less or more. Laser liposuction requires longer sessions but the final outcome is achieved faster.

Difference of truSculpt and laser lipo treatment

Another dissimilarity between the two is that in laser lipo a cannula is used in order to suck out the dead fat cells, truSculpt treatment however, does not require such a thing and the dead cells will naturally exit the body through the lymphatic system.

In terms of side effects both of these procedures are quite safe however laser liposuction needs a bit more post-procedure care.

Who is the better candidate for each procedure?

For those who have been trying to lose weight and are near reaching their dream body, truSculpt is the better option to eliminate stubborn fat cells. It’s also a better option for those who want to get rid of fats in small areas such as the chin or neck.

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Those who need a more extensive type of procedure to remove a larger amount of fat in their body will probably have to go with Laser Liposuction as it can be both faster and more effective in this case.

Elegant Hoopoe as the leading weight loss center in Dubai can offer you both types of treatment. You can easily contact our team and book an 1 on 1 consulting session to enquire more details and have a full grasp of your process.

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