Did you know that those who have constant weight loss of around 1kg per week have more chances of keeping that off than people who experience sudden weight loss? Of course there are  important factors responsible for losing fats and excessive weight and for those who seek simple and easy ways to lose weight at home and get in their dream body shape there are so many diets and workouts to try. Here’s how you can achieve your best possible body in your own home without any hard to follow diets or going to the gym.

Dos and don’ts of weight loss at home

Here’s a list of things you should follow if you would like to get in shape at you home faster:

  • Be physically active for at least 150 minutes per week and increase the time after the few first weeks.
  • Set you goals straight. Know how much weight you want to lose and remember that it is best to aim for 500 grams to 1000 gram weight loss per week.
  • Starts reading you food labels! you should always be aware of the sugar in a product you’re about to buy.
  • Do not start you day with cereals! instead it is best to eat eggs for breakfast


  • Do not aim for sudden weight loss with diets.
  • Do not keep hold of unhealthy snack, it is easier to avoid the temptation if there is not any sugary snack in your home!
  • Never skip meals
  • Do not choose a big plate, you are more likely to eat more and finish the whole food on the big plate so it is best to be eating on a much smaller plate
  • It is best to avoid any weight loss drugs and supplements However, if you really struggle to lower your hunger and appetite for food you should talk to your doctor on what type of medicine you should take to overcome the challenge.

Dos and don'ts of weight loss at home

Best ways to lose weight at home naturally

Though there are numerous weight loss supplements and drugs in the market that may be effective, most people tend to avoid those due to their side effects and natural ways are far more popular than you might think. 

Here are some simple things you can do to reduce weight in home:

Eat more protein

Proteins are the king of nutritions especially when weight management is concerned.

Your body will burn calories in order to break and digest those proteins and a diet enriched with them can boost up metabolism. You will also feel much less hungry and in need of food if you have the proper amount of protein in your system. It is believed that people who eat more protein tend to receive as near as 400 fewer calories in a single day!

Best ways to lose weight at home naturally

Add single ingredient foods to your diet!

Start basing your diet on whole single ingredient foods. This diet will decrease the amount of sugar, processed foods and fats you receive. Whole foods are known to make you feel full and have most nutrients your body requires to function.

what are the best weight loss diets?

Know where the sugar is!

Sugar is one the most important reasons behind so many illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. You should know what type of food and snack contains sugar and avoid eating them. Now eliminating sugar from what we eat is nearly impossible, however we can significantly reduce the amount of our sugar intake by simply knowing what has sugar in it. Note that eating sugar in its natural form is much better than eating processed types.

Know where the sugar is!

Don’t forget to drink more water!

Make sure you drink more water because it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Most of the time that you feel slightly hungry you actually need water. In a study conducted back in 2014 participants who have been drinking 500ml of water 30 minutes before meal experienced slightly more weight loss. Drinking water will increase calorie burn and help to remove dead cells and waste from the body. Water is a necessity for human body metabolism and the lack of sufficient water can result in your weight loss treatments failure. Remember that you are better off drinking just water and not beverages if you want faster and better outcomes.

Keep track of the calories

Losing weight is simple, burning more calories than you receive in a single day will cause your body to burn fat cells in order to gain the energy it requires. So by simply knowing how many calories you are eating, you should be on the right track of losing weight.

Other steps you can take to help you lose faster and easier at home are:

  • Try fasting
  • Eat more fruits
  • Add vegetables to diet
  • Using smaller plates
  • Eat slowly
  • Add more species to your food
  • Optimize your sleep schedule
  • Eat more vitamins

How to lose weight fast? Complete guide for men and women. 

Home remedies to lose weight 

Lemon + honey

You should try to at least drink one glass of lemon water and honey. This combination helps to boost up your immune system as well as detoxing your digestive system making it more efficient. It also helps in removing excess fat cells.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds have been famous for their benefits for people who are facing high blood sugar and diabetes. You can either use its powder mixed with yogurt or put a little of those seeds in a glass of hot water and then after 10 minutes drink it. This will reduce blood sugar, increase milk in breastfeeding women and even reduce menstrual cramps.

Home remedies to lose weight 

Carom seeds

These seeds can be used in different ways, some might distillate those seeds and drink it while others might use its oil or even brew the seeds themselves. Carom seeds will boost up metabolism making it harder for fats to be stored in the body.

Green and black cumin seeds

Cumin seeds are known for their unique aroma and taste. In Asia people add to their food to help stabilize digestion. They also speed up your metabolism and disallow your fat cells to use energy and resources to get bigger.

Use black seed oil

The benefits of black seed and its oil are countless and it is not yet clear how black seed oil works to reduce weight but it is believed that it is effective in weight loss. Even if this is not the case you should start eating black seed with honey due to its countless benefits for your body. After all, we are looking to become healthier.

Try chia seeds

Chia seeds are now the trend of losing weight and most people are considering trying them. You can use chia seeds in your salad or add 1 teaspoon of them to 1 glass of room temperature water  and leave it for 30 minutes then drink it. Chia seeds are filled with fiber and they will reduce the speed of digestion and you feel full after taking them. 

Lose weight in home with tea and beverages

Cinnamon and honey

You can make a tasty and beneficial tea just by adding a teaspoon of cinnamon and  honey to a warm glass of water, this will aid your body in reducing its blood sugar and will increase its metabolism. 

Green tea

When it comes to weight loss home remedies, green tea is one of the most used herbal beverages. It contains caffeine which can boost up metabolism.it will also help in burning stubborn fats and when used correctly can definitely be helpful in losing weight at home.

Lose weight in home with tea and beverages

Oolong tea

One of the most popular teas among Chinese people is oolong tea. This tea is partially oxidized which puts it somewhere between black and green tea. In multiple studies it has proven to be helpful in fat loss and increased metabolism. 

Apple cider vinegar

By adding 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar to 10 spoons of water you can make a beverage that is helpful in losing weight as well as detoxifying your liver. Apple cider vinegar has proven to be effective against fatty liver and a healthier liver is the key to a faster weight loss.

Other Easy ways to reduce weight at home 

Schedule your sleep

Having a healthy sleeping schedule is very important so that your body functions at its best. Not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much is never good for the body and multiple studies show that people who have better high quality sleep have been experiencing more weight loss.

Other Easy ways to reduce weight at home 

Try to avoid stressful situations

Now being stressed is normal however some people feel a bit more stressed than others and it is common knowledge that stress can lead to eating disorders. Most people try to solve the issue by eating more sugar rich foods and snacks which is directly affecting their weight. Even if they do not eat more, their metabolism will not be normal while they are stressed.

Eat your meals at a reasonable time

Whether you are on a 3 times a day or 5 times a day diet it’s best to time those meals and stick to that timing. It has been proved that eating too early or too late is directly related to weight gain and if you are trying to lose weight this simple step is necessary to reach your goal faster.

Get active in the mornings

Try exercising every morning after you wake up for at least ten minutes  and have other workout sessions during the day. If you are a yoga fan you should start doing it everyday as it can help improve both your mental and physical states. It also increases your flexibility and shapes your muscles better. Those who have a treadmill in their home should start using it as it is one of the best ways to lose fat in a shorter period at home! How to lose weight with treadmill? Click to read more!

Don’t eat hard to digest foods at night

If you are trying to lose weight faster it’s best to eat dinner as little as possible and avoid hard to digest foods at night. This will help your stomach to work better while you are sleeping and avoid fat storing.

Avoid  alcohol 

Just one can of beer contains more than 150 calories and the more the alcohol the more the calories you should be avoiding. So if you are trying to lose weight in your home and without the complications of a complex diet and exercise plan you should at  least cut down how much you drink. Most weight management specialists recommend drinking only 1 drink per day for women and 2 for men. 

How to lose weight at home without diet or exercise?

To be honest, having a diet and a work out plan is the best way to lose weight but they are not the only way. in fact, you can now shape your body and lose some stubborn fats at the same time by using new devices that are invented solely for this goal.

There are multiple options to choose from and you can Check the Best at home body shaping devices here. Please note that these devices are not meant for weight loss and it is best to use them while you are on a  diet plan and you are having regular work out sessions because they work best to get rid of fats that you can not easily melt by exercising.

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