As you consider different options for body contouring, you might wonder more about some of the new methods introduced recently, such as Micro Liposuction. This body-shaping technique is minimally invasive and targets small areas of fat, which could enhance the overall shape of the body in a subtle way. But What exactly is Micro liposuction, and how does it work compared to other methods of liposuction? In this article, we will cover all about this new method of body shaping to help you decide better between this technique and other methods.

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What is Micro Liposuction?

What is Micro Liposuction?

Micro Liposuction, also known as Laser liposuction, is a less invasive procedure used to destroy small pockets of fat in certain target areas. This treatment utilized tiny cannulas to suction out small quantities of fat. Since the procedure is less invasive it only requires local anesthesia and very small incisions, allowing for a quick recovery.

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For those seeking moderate improvements to certain parts of their body, micro liposuction might be the best option since unlike traditional lipo it does not require big incisions that most of people are afraid of. Since laser liposuction targets a certain part of the body and the surgeons use advanced instruments to do the procedure, it is considered to be one of the most accurate and precise methods to contour the body. Generally speaking, the result of the procedure is subtle but meaningful and it could be the perfect option for those following up on a diet and exercise plan.

How Does Micro Liposuction Work?

As we already said, micro liposuction is the same as Laser Liposuction. This procedure uses a laser beam with unique attributes to melt down the fat cells in a small area, then the surgeon will make some small incisions in that area to insert the cannulas to begin the suction process. The nature of the treatment makes the outcome much more precise than the traditional liposuction, and patients will not experience problems such as asymmetry.

How Does Micro Liposuction Work?

The laser beam will also help with skin tightening in the target area which eventually results in a smooth and natural contoured body. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and could take between 30 to even 90 minutes based on the amount of fat being suctioned out of the targeted area. Most patients will feel a slight discomfort, and they will recover in a short period. Most of them can go to work after just two days of the operation.

Ideal Candidate for Micro Liposuction

So who is the right candidate for such a procedure?

Generally speaking, most people do not face any limitations for this procedure, but it might not be the best choice for some people. First, most weight management centers and healthcare providers suggest this type of body sculpting for those near their ideal body weight and have been following a diet with an exercise plan.

Commonly treated areas with Laser lipo are

  • Abdomen area
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Back

This procedure is not meant to treat areas with large quantities of fat, and it is not considered a weight loss method although it can affect the overall weight to some extent.

An ideal candidate for this treatment is in good health condition, has good quality skin with enough elasticity, and has realistic expectations from the procedure. Those with a BMI higher than 30, this treatment is not suitable since it is meant to treat areas with small amounts of fat deposits. Also, it is important to consult with your doctor before undergoing such treatment especially if you are taking medications or are facing certain health problems.

Please note that some target areas might need multiple sessions of fat removal to show the desired results, and these sessions will be weeks apart.

Recovery and Results of Micro Lipo

Most patients will experience minor swelling in the target area, and bruising and discomfort are common for a few days. The pain is usually not hard and can be managed with over-the-counter medications.

The result will be immediately visible but the ultimate outcome will be achieved after 3 to 6 months as the swelling subsides and collagen production increases. For long-lasting results, maintaining the right diet and exercising regularly is recommended.

What are the benefits of Micro Liposuction?

This procedure offers many benefits compared to the traditional method such as:

Minimally invasive

This treatment is less invasive and only requires small incisions, this makes it much safer than other surgical procedures, and other risks associated with surgery are minimized. A small incision means less damage to tissues in the target area and much less pain and discomfort.

Minimal tissue trauma means a faster healing process which allows the patient to recover quickly. Most of them will be able to keep up their daily routine after just resting for two days. A compression garment is suggested to help with swelling and redness.

More symmetry and precise result

The nature of this treatment and the small advanced instruments used to suction out the fat deposit, allow for much more control, and the outcome is more precise than the traditional liposuction. This will result in a much more natural-looking outcome.

Fewer risks and complications

Being less invasive not only means recovery time and less pain, but also, means that the patient will face much fewer complications and risks. For example, the risk of infection is much lower than other surgeries. Blood vessels are not damaged as they would in more invasive procedures, and blood loss is not as common as in other surgical methods.

No scar marks

Small incisions mean quicker healing and no scar marks after they have been healed which compared to other surgical options is a big advantage of laser liposuction. Read more about liposuction scars and how to prevent them from appearing on the skin.

What to expect during the treatment?


Before undergoing the surgery, your doctor will evaluate your health condition and medical history to ensure you are an ideal candidate. You will be given pre-treatment instructions that you have to follow regarding medications, diet, and exercise. You should also arrange for time off work as you will need a few days for full recovery.

The procedure

The treatment will be performed under local anesthesia meaning that you will be awake but sedated and numb. To start the doctor will make small incisions in the target area, and a sterile saline solution containing lidocaine is inserted through the incision to numb and expand the fat cells for an easier melting process. Finally, a cannula is entered through the incision to begin the suction process. The procedure can last between 60 minutes to even 180 minutes depending on the target area and how much fat is going to be suctioned out.


You will wear a compression garment for some weeks to reduce swelling and promote the healing process. Most daily activities can be resumed after a few days of resting, although heavy activities are not recommended.

Follow up appointment

Your doctor will probably schedule a follow-up appointment to check your healing process and results.


Laser liposuction or micro lipo, is a new less invasive treatment to contour the body but it is not a weight loss method. So, if you would like to lose weight drastically, you might want to consider other methods. This treatment is suitable for those are have been following a diet with an exercise plan and want to get rid of fat deposits that have not been responding to diet and workouts. Although less invasive, you should still consult with a doctor to see if you are qualified for the treatment.

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